Wits journalism bootcamp brain drain

Having my beer (finally) after bootcamp ends
Having my beer (finally) after bootcamp ended

Its boot camp baby! Your ass hurts from sitting, your wrists feel like you are developing autheritus and you realize you actually have a brain… because its thumps and hurts from over use.With my notebook and pen at the ready I walked into the Wits Journalism department expecting that my honours year would start off as easy as my first year did. Nope. Where did I get that stupid idea?

In the last two weeks I have experienced a little taste of what real life is like for journalists and I’m telling you, sleeping is no longer a common occurence. And where I use to be a social drinker, I now crave an ice-cold beer like an alcoholic at the end of EVERY day.

This course is no joke! Although the people in my class seem to share my sense of being hangry and lost now and again, there is still that sense of competition. Who has the best story pitches Monday morning? Who writes the best articles? Who flourishes in assignments? Those are all questions we all want the answer to be ‘ME’.

As dreadful as it is to get up at 06:30 every morning and commute 4km (commute because it takes 50 minutes in traffic) to get to campus parking and I still have to walk 1km to get to class, I wouldn’t change these last two weeks for the best cheesecake ever! The intelligence of my mentors, the quirkyness of my class mates and the shear adventure of witnessing and reporting news keeps me coming back the next morning.


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