ZCCI tackles water and power crisis

ZCCI intends to put more pressure on government to implement a plan to address the water and power crises, said chairman, Dave Whittaker.

This was the main topic of discussion at the ZCCI Empangeni division’s meeting on Thursday.

‘The water situation is critical and we are currently working with the different role players to resolve this problem.

‘The municipalities must also come to the party,’ said Chairman Dave Whittaker.

With Ilembe reportedly having less than 10% of their water reserves left and water cuts starting on 1 February, Zululand is definitely in the danger zone.

Frans van der Walt cautioned the ZCCI, saying that even though the government said they are taking the crisis seriously, it doesn’t mean that the problem will be resolved.

‘We must take it upon ourselves to take action and create solutions.’

Concerning the power situation, Whittaker urged businesses to resort to alternative energy sources to keep the Zululand economy afloat.

He said since the municipalities were not yet taking decisive action to calm the power crisis, alternative energy was the next best option.

Vice Chairman Mike Patterson said the lack of water and electricity will slow down development in local communities.’

He said rainfall after March is expected to be slim according to forecasts and that everyone had to be prepared for conditions to get worse.

Published: Zululand Observer, 26 January 2015 


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