Playing catch-up, such fun

A lot of worries came to mind when receiving the topic for the 2015 Journalism and Media Studies honours class’ In-depth project.

The biggest headache was figuring out how I would be able cope with this enormous and O so vitally important task on its own. Never mind the fact that I am a week behind the rest of the class with my portfolio and  feature projects.

Due to some unfortunate and irritating kidney issues (not incited by alcohol) I had to spend 8 days in hospital in September, which put my studies on the back seat. So guess who is dealing with finishing a portfolio, feature articles and getting a in-depth project off of the ground…ME.

I knew I would have to get a start on my in-depth pitch for the feature and video early on. So Tuesday  after we received the brief I did some research.

I noticed in what Khadija told us about Mayfair/ Fordsburg that it is highly made up of foreigners who have created sustainable lives for themselves in the area.

So I contacted my mentor Ruth and pitched the story idea: Mayfair and how it became a safe haven for foreigners.

She gave me the ‘OK’ and after discussing the idea with her and the rest of my group today, I started contacting owners of restaurants in the area with owners of various nationalities and set-up appointments to meet them this afternoon.   I also made an appointment to meet up with Amir Sheikh, the chairperson of the Somali community, which is key in telling the story as Somalies make up the majority of the foreign population residing in Mayfair.

Let’s see how it goes.


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