Its going well…so far

Yesterday went well.

My meeting with Somali community leader Amir Sheikh was very interesting and helpful to say the least. He was very kind and agreed to be one of my interviewees. He also promised to send me contacts of a Somali that came to Mayfair between 1994-1999 and other non-Somali foreigners he knows.

Walking from the Oriental Plaza towards the Somali community board’s office I saw a sign advertising the services of immigration practitioner Pieter Britz. After my meeting with Amir I went into Pieter Britz’s office, but unfortunately he was not there. His assistant gave me his contact details and I made arrangements to meet with him Tuesday afternoon after our multimedia pitches are done.

After talking to some community members in the street I was able to get some direction as to where to find Egyptian and Moroccan families in the Fordsburg/Mayfair area, which I plan to explore further on Monday.

This weekend I have to focus on getting my photo essay done for my portfolio that is still behind. I have to get it out of the way this weekend as I believe my group members will need me next weekend to shoot videos.

A lot still has to happen. I hope everything pans out as planned.



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