The heat is on

Today. Joh.

People are freaking out.

Many ideas that were initially approved by the direct mentors of my classmates were shot to bits this morning in front of the class in the open pitching session.

Our Whatsapp group made up of only the students was buzzing with unhappy comments about the pitching session.

In-depth took its first tears this morning. My heart went out to her. I know how she feels. I just wanted to hug her.

But I have to remain focused on getting myself back on track. My right kidney is a real attention seeker.  But with funds dried up, it will have to wait a while before seeing Dr Choonara again.

Luckily only two people had the same idea. I feel for them. I’m glad its not me.

My focus on in-depth will be on silent for tomorrow. But I will never forget about it.

One thing at a time.


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