Witsies win gold at Martial Arts Worlds

41_Wits TSD Martial Arts
Wits TSD members Titus Masike (left) and Micheal Schrenk (right) pose with their medals and proud trainer, Master Hart (middle). Photo: Provided

Three members of the Wits TSD Association dominated at the Martial Arts World Championships whilst representing the South African team.

The Tang Soo Do (Chuch Norris style) athletes went to Las Vegas, USA last weekend and brought back 71 medals, of which the Witsies won a whopping 27.

Under the guidance of Master Gregory Hart (multiple World Champion gold medalist) the contestants from Wits were able to perform with poise and precition to distinguish themselves from the rest of the SA team and other international competitors.

Master Hart, with his 6th Dan in Tang Soo Do and 2nd Dan in Haedong Kumdo (Korean sword), went with the Witsies and the SA team to the US to help them become the “Best of the Best” as he was at the UK World Championships.

Fourth-year civil engineering student, Michael Schrenk is a grade 6G1 and pulled off two golds and a bronze at the world championship. (GOLD medal for Forms, GOLD medal for Weapons, BRONZE medal for Sparring).

Representing Wits in the SA ladies division was 20-year-old Trisha Rajkumar, a Grade 4G3. She also won two golds and a bronze.   Her two golds came from the Sparring and Weapons sections, while she took bronze for Forms.

Third-year physics student Titus Masike brought home three bronze medals. The 22-year-old has his First Dan and medalled for Sparring, Forms and Weapons.

The SA team arrived back in home Thursday morning with their medals close at hand.

Pitched & Unpublished: 5 August 2015.


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