Tough love

Interesting day I’m having.

I started out the day feeling like a sharp and rusty guillotine has been removed from my immediate head space. I managed to finish my portfolio and features last night with 30 minutes to spare!

I had a nice night’s sleep, a good healthy breakfast in the form of chocolate flavoured Jungle Oats and a relaxing shower to wash my hear for the first time in four days.


Zaheer ruined it.

How? Well, he wrote the words ‘Characters’, ‘Conflict’ and ‘Newspeg’ on the white board. He said our video pitches need to include all of those elements along with solid visuals before it will be approved.

My idea for my video doesn’t include any of that.

Immediate panic. Dizziness. I want a n ice cream.

After talking to Ruth I settled a bit more and realised I can only start stressing if I don’t have an approved pitch by Friday.

I spoke to Zaheer privately and explained my story to him. It didn’t take long before he suggested that I focus on new foreigners in the Mayfair/Fordsburg area and follow them around whilst focusing on the challenges they face to integrate into the area.

This is an idea I can easily pursue as one of my current contacts is a immigration practitioner. I gave Pieter a call and he agreed to put me in contact with a couple of foreigners who are new to the area.

Now I have to still go find non-Somali foreigners to get content for my written feature.

Here I go.



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