Sweating like a journalist

Today was hot. Productive, but hot.

To respect the Muslim community I make sure I wear clothes that cover my body well. But this heat is not helping.

I had three interviews today. One with the Ethiopian lady who makes coffee at the restaurant on the corner of Bird street and 9th Avenue. She was so welcoming and seemed to speak to me with ease. Interestingly enough she disagrees with Somali community leader, Amir, that Mayfair/Fordsburg is a safe haven for foreigners.

This is great for my story as it puts an element of conflict in it. I may now pose the question: Is Mayfair/Fordsburg a safe haven for foreigners?

Although I felt welcomed and enjoyed my time with the lady (she even invited me back), it appears that I upset her as Biopelo went there after I left to speak to her and she apparently reacted very rudely saying a white girl interviewed her for three hours took photos when she said no and by keeping her busy lost her customers.

I asked her before the interview if I can take photos, she said no and I didn’t push it further. She did, however, agree to be recorded during the interview. Afterwards she and I had breakfast and she made me some coffee and popcorn ( which she made for the class last week while I was in hospital). I paid for everything including a bag of coffee beans. I was there for 90 minutes before I left to interview my Egyptian resource. I am kind of upset about it as I felt a connection with her and she even called me “friend”.

Still my interview with the Egyptian and Amir went well and I believe I got some good stories out of all three my interviewees.

I feel bad for Biopelo, because her story is focused on the coffee.


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