Slow day

Today is going to be long and irritatingly hot day.

I made arrangements to go to the Ethiopian lady and apologize if I disturbed or offended her yesterday. Although I still feel upset that she wasn’t as hospitable as I thought.

Other than that I have to meet up with one of my interviewees today but only later in the afternoon. I would’ve interviewed the immigration practitioner at 10h00 this morning, but he had to leave town yesterday for a funeral happening today. He said he would contact me with a date for next week. Luckily he asked one of his clients to contact me for my video. The client sent me an email and I replied with all the details. Let’s hope she will participate.

My other interviewee will come back to me with a day when we can meet as he is a waiter and his shifts are sometimes unpredictable. Hopefully we meet before Monday when my draft is due.



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