Sort of success

Today I had only one interview scheduled and the guys wasn’t at his store in Central Road. The number he gave me has gone straight to voicemail since I met him Tuesday. Luckily I met Hashaim who works at the same store. He is new to South Africa (I believe seven months is still new) and he has been living in Mayfair for one month. He is a economics student at a Sandton college and the cousin of the man I want to interview.

Hashain agreed to participate in my video. I have emailed him the questions I will be asking him and he will give me a date that will fit his schedule. His English is not clear cut, but it is understandable and I believe it shows more of his challenge as most foreigners come to the country not speaking or understanding English well enough.

The contacts Pieter send me didn’t want to be part of any video.

My Zimbabwean interviewee works as a waiter at Calisto’s restaurant. I went to speak to the restaurant manager  and he said I can go in tomorrow 11h30  and interview any of his staff. The majority of his staff are foreign. So there I will get a couple of interviews.

Tomorrow ill see Zaheer, hopefully he doesn’t shoot me down and tell me to find another story.


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