#SowetoSelfie #ChairBreakinglyFunny

#SOWETOSELFIE: You can’t see we were in Soweto as Raquel had the camera focused on her. #WhyAmIEvenThere

This morning it was difficult to get out of bed. Getting up at 05h00 is not for me!

I dragged my puffy eyes and messy hair to the car and made sure not to hit anything on the way to campus. I had to go through all of this insanity to help Anelisa with her video for in-depth. We had to meet her interviewee in Soweto at his Spaza shop to catch him opening it.

The shoot went quickly and I must say the footage looks good, #Skills.

#CHAIRBREAKINGLYFUNNY: Raquel and I couldn’t be as professional as Anelisa so we stopped to take a pic of  Anelisa before helping her up. She still posed though!

The best thing about today is Anelisa was interviewing Justice all #ProfessionalJournalist like, and then… her chair broke…

We got back to the office at 08h00 and I started working on my story board that is due later today. Zaheer came into the office and took a look at my storyboard. He said he is happy with it and suggested that I just add a couple of questions. I added it and sent it to him via email.

Zimasa’s shoot is set to happen at 15h00 today, so the camera batteries are fully charged and ready to go.



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