“Asylum seeker” Gunjan

Today went great!

We shot the first part of my video today and it went very well. Gunjan was very cooperative and extremely welcoming. He made us some Indian style tea, which was actually quite nice. It took us a couple of hours to shoot, because there was so much we could get from him at his apartment. We also shot him playing pool in a Egyptian restaurant down the street.

Calisto’s manager said that we could do the second part of the shoot at the restaurant Friday 12h00. They are only giving us 30 minutes to shoot, so we need to get everything right the first time and very quickly. I had to move my interview with Pieter, the immigration practitioner that would’ve also been at 12h00 on Friday to 11h00. Luckily he was willing able to change the time as we wouldn’t get the same grace from the Calisto’s manager.

I will be meeting with Ruth tomorrow morning to discuss my draft. Hopefully I get a better understanding of what to do with my feature.


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