Almost done

This morning I took a camera and met up with Osmar at the Somali Community Boards of South Africa’s office on the corner of Hanover and Albertina Sisulu in Mayfair.

I arranged with him to take me around and introduce me to the people I want to take photos of. As I am an outsider in their world, not entirely aware of all of their customs and rules, I needed someone know in the area to help people feel comfortable with me and the camera.

It work in some circumstances and in some it did not. TJ suggested that I get a photo of Muslims outside of a mosque. A very difficult thing to pull. I was told that I needed to get approval from the entire Muslim community if I wanted to take photos. So I settled for taking photos of Muslim women, with their consent, on the street.

I feel the rest of the photos on my list went well. While driving down Mint street I saw the offices for Gift of the Givers and South African National Zakah Fund, which is connected to my feature.

I have chosen and edited my eight photos for in-depth. My feature is done and my Video is also done. Kenichi has to sub my feature tomorrow and Zaheer must check my final video. If they ‘OK’ my work tomorrow I will be done with this shit.


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